Charlie’s Occasional Competition Number 9

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OK. Here is the moment the world has been waiting for. Over the 4 years that have elapsed since competition number 8. I’ve been deafened by the incessant din, the tumult of millions of voices clamouring for the return of my easy peasy little competition. So I have succumbed. Those of you unaware of this blockbuster phenomenon (unlikely as that is) can look back at the archive I’ve created here. Putting it on the internet and notifying people by Facebook as well as by e-mail means that now anyone can join in.

The competition is simple. Most often I give you just four choices and you have to tell me which is the odd one out. There I said it was easy didn’t I?

So to reveal the answer click here.

So here goes:-

Which is the odd number out and why:-

3, 4, 5 or 6

Because it’s the first competition to go out via the internet I’m feeling particularly kind so here’s two clues. Firstly this can be solved without any reference to the internet or our friend Goggle! Secondly there is absolutely no arithmetic involved. I’m offering £5.00 gift vouchers to the first three correct answers. If there are no correct answers I shall award a £5.00 token to the answer that makes me laugh the most.

Use the form below to send me your answer.


  1. The closing date for the competition is midnight on Friday 29th September.
  2. Dates and times are taken from the time attributes on your submission recorded on my system, when you sent it does not count.
  3. By entering the competition you are agreeing to me publishing your answer here with your name attached. Under no circumstances will I share or publish your e-mail address.
  4. You can offer as many different answers as you like. Each one has to be submitted separately though. The answer must offer the odd one out and the reason why. Sadly Meg the dog has been gone for many years. I will accept canine participants but draw the line at any other species except spiders.
  5. There may be alternative legitimate answers other than the one I am looking for but I want mine, so there.
  6. In the unlikely event of a tie for third place then instead of the vouchers those winners will each receive  a bag of dried pasta.
  7. All rulings by me are FINAL. It’s so exciting to be able to say this!
  8. There is a chance that this competition will be overtaken by global nuclear war. If so I reserve the right to keep the prize money myself to spend on sandbags.

The answer

Only 7 people had a bash. Shame.

So the odd one out is 3. When represented on a digital clock the number 4, 5 and 6 all use the same number of bars as the number itself.

No one got the answer right but I am going to award a voucher to Derek Girling. He is mentioned in despatches as his answer was very close and of course I have money to burn.

6 is the odd one out in your list as it doesn't have a ',' beside it.


The odd one out is 6 because it can be turned upside down to become another number.

Spotted by a K9

Best wishes


Oscar the dog

The odd one out is 6 because it can be turned upside down to become another number.

Spotted by a K9

Best wishes


Oscar the dog

I also think it is 6 because it only has one end of a line. The other numbers have 2.

I am going back to sleep now.


Poppy the dog

6 because it is as been separated from its mates, the other numbers, by the word or.


Gerald C

4 because it's the only one that has the same number of letters in it's spelling as the number itself.

Derek Girling

6 because it does not look right when substituted for a letter!

M3ss, 4or, 5illy, ?6?

Thomas McCollam


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