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A Passionate And Poignant Piece

A passionate and poignant piece that provides an insight into the impact of dementia on family and social relationships. 'Orienteering' offers important recognition and support for carers who have to manage deeply challenging situations and learn to live with loss and grief.

Carol Graham

A Real Eye Opener

It showed how much caring and looking after someone takes over your life.

Showing how trivial things like taking a shower whilst looking after someone has to be planned and fitted in. A REAL EYE OPENER.

Kevin Davis

A Wonderful Format And Brilliantly Delivered

We liked everything, poetry, insight to Molly's life and dementia and how to interact with patients with disabilities. Well done and thanks for all your hard work.

Nick and Cheryl Spencer

A Wonderful Performance, Thank You

Charlie’s performance of ‘Orienteering’ opened up a world which we rarely get to see, the love and care for his wife Molly shone through as he takes the audience on a spellbinding journey from laughter to tears to feeling hopeful and inspired. I recommend this show to everyone and think it would be helpful for anyone who knows anyone with dementia (probably everyone then?). Weeks after the show and Charlie and Molly's story rings in my ears, a wonderful performance, thank you.

Sophie Greenchester

An Absolute Privilege

What an absolute privilege it was to see your performance, thank you so much!

Sophie Burford

An Extraordinary, Humbling And Beautiful Performance

An extraordinary, humbling and beautiful performance. By turns heart breaking and irresistibly beautiful. This is amazing. An over-used word in our society but I genuinely believe this can change the lives of the carers and the loved one of the carers.

Nigel Edwards

Brilliant Evening

I knew that your piece had touched me deeply when I woke up angry the next morning and doing battle with Hilary. That evening she was playing a CD of constellation work when she called through to me "Didn't you have a disease when you were young that brought you close to death". When I said "Yes" she said "listen to this". It was for people who had been brought close to death by disease when young and the key point is that it's possible for a young person to be turned around to face Death instead of Life and if this has taken place it may take something like constellation work to turn around and put Death behind you and then visualise Life in front of you. When I heard all this I realised that Synchronicity had performed its usual miracle: I had witnessed your very moving personal journey - not into Death, but into Life and it's only as I write this that the tapestry is becoming revealed as my words disappear over the tiny box of "please write here"! I can't write all I need to write but I'll have a good chat with you about it. Suffice to say that without your wonderful show I wouldn't be making this huge change of direction in my life.

Austin Keenan

Charlie did it just right

I felt privileged to be part of the audience for this presentation at the Bristol Improv Theatre, by Charlie MarkwickI have often been accustomed, sadly, in my career as a doctor and psychotherapist, to speak to all sorts of people about painful and distressing things and I know how hard it can be, both to tell and hear about them. And yet doing it right adds immeasurably to the restoration of normality, even happiness.

Well - Charlie did it just right! He did not save us from from sharing the downsides and the pain for both of them in this account of their marriage, with the decline of Molly's health, with dementia and terminal illness. Nor did he deny her anything of her feisty and determined character, so that those of us who had not known her felt the reality nonetheless and mourned her gradual loss along with him. But even as her frailties were eating away the person he loved he could find matters to delight them both, and us.

His tenderness shines through, as does his ability to find a good story in everything! By this he draws out from the audience a deeper understanding and level of participation than, perhaps, they had imagined when they sat down. There was a delightful strand of humour running through his account, which encompassed the sadness at times almost with sweetness, yet not dismissing the terrible nature of the sorrow entwined with it. I believe that this helped us, as audience to engage with these difficult themes - dementia and death, perhaps among today's greatest fears. We will not easily forget the delightful buttermint saga!

This is a life experience rather than a show. It would be of great interest and benefit to professionals in this field and to patients themselves and carers. I almost hesitate to say that, in case future performances are confined to that band, this is a show that everyone should see and they will enjoy it. All ages, indeed all who share our common humanity, knowing how easily any of us may have to face these things one way or another - all of us will benefit from this presentation, which can be put on easily, I guess, anywhere that Charlie can be persuaded to go!

Elinor Kapp [MB.BS. DPM. FRCPsych. BA.]

Extremely Moving

I loved the personal aspect of the show. I felt as though I understood the love for your wife, and I found that extremely moving. I also like how you gave insight into how other might help carers.

Rustin Allison

Fierce And Fearless

Your story and storytelling was fierce and fearless.I couldn't take my attention away.The poems throughout were especially good and gave a very clear and concise insight into your specific experiences and what a carer might expect - Molly's three hands in particular.

James Matthews

Gentle And Very Honest Telling

I was slightly dubious about coming to see 'Orienteering' as I've seen a number of not so good pieces on dementia. But I was drawn in by your gentle and very honest telling of a story that was personal to you, and although very different to my own experience of dementia, I nevertheless found moments of insight and wisdom in how you coped with your own journey.

As I said after your performance I am working on my own project about a very different journey and using very different presentation styles. But I liked your use of music to give pause time for yourself as the performer, and for the audience to breathe and reflect. I thought the poems worked really well as they were vivid moments where we were present with you in Molly's world. But I think the most valuable aspect of your performance was the idea that there can be positive moments on the journey into dementia with a loved one.

Thank you for sharing your story ...

Jarek Adams: novelist, playwright, producer: jarekadams.com

Great Performance

Great performance ... I laughed and cried ... Well done! I was caught by your performance from the moment you walked on that stage. The music, the narrative and the poems ...

Josephine Lay

Happy And Sad

I liked the poems, the insight into Molly's personality, ins and outs of care-giving, what to do/say to help a carer. Wonderful, engaging delivery, happy and sad!

Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Honest and Heartfelt

Such a great performance both honest and heartfelt. Thank you for letting us be part of it.

Trina Davis

I Am Grateful

I am grateful to you for organising this event, so I could be part of joining others & discuss each other's ideas & thoughts.

Tony Foxon

I Don’t Often Cry At The Theatre, But Damn!

I liked just about everything. I felt that it conveyed your feelings and experiences in a very pure, direct way. I loved that it had a stamp of your personality on it. I don't often cry at the theatre, but damn!

Stephen Clements

I Liked Everything!

I liked EVERYTHING! There needs to be more of this and people need to see it.

Jenna Thompson

I Needed Tissues!

I liked the depth of material and quality engagement of the show and the after conversation.

Marc Radley

Incredibly Moving

Incredibly moving and informative - should be compulsory viewing and deserves a far wider audience

David Germaney

Incredibly Useful

One of the bravest performances I've seen for a very long time. And incredibly useful on so many levels. Lets hope we see a lot more work with this kind of depth, maturity and humour at the BIT in the future.

Pete Sherrard

Insightful And Moving

An insightful and moving evening of true life storytelling and poetry. Charlie relates the human side of his experience of losing his wife, Molly, to dementia. He relates a wonderful mix of moments from their life together, ranging from their happy, almost slapstick first meeting to the poignant incidents that marked progression of their lives into a new phase, all seasoned with practical tips on ways to make the process easier for the sufferer and carer to bear. There is much to learn from Charlie’s wonderful telling. Do go and see him if you get the chance.

Glenn Smith

It’s touching and poignant

Charlie Markwick effectively captures what it means to be a carer. Not just in the sense of the practicalities of what it entails but also the emotional development and how to respond to the changes that occur with Dementia. He encapsulates this with a frank narrative. This is delivered with his expert skill as a story teller summarised with poetry akin to Bashō but with his own imagistic flair. I would recommend this show for anyone not just those interested in Dementia but to a wider audience as it delivers one man’s story of love and learning to live with a smile in the face of adversity. It’s touching and poignant and makes difficult topics open talking points.

Z D Dicks Poet

Please Never Stop

Thank you for your open, true and touching rendition. Thank you for sharing. Please never stop.

Mike Cook

Poignant, Moving, Uplifting

A poignant, moving, uplifting evening of poetry and narrative inter dispersed with music provides the audience with an insight into the relationship between a couple as they face the challenges of dementia.

Caroline TAKE4.com

Powerful Storytelling And Poetry

I liked so much. Charlie is a skilful and captivating storyteller and a courageous, charming, touching, hilarious human. I would definitely see this show again AND recommend it to friends, those who are experiencing caring for someone with dementia.

I learnt a lot in a short time through moving and powerful storytelling and poetry.

Great, simple staging, lovely transition music, loved Charlie's outfit, loved the hat on/hat off opening and closing. Great pacing. Nice and satisfying transitions between sad and funny sections. Sensitive, clear delivery. Great read of the room.

Imogen Palmer

Really Useful Coping Strategies

A very moving piece concerning the care of a loved one with dementia. Really useful coping strategies are woven with the daily realities of dealing with the condition ,but done so with love and humour. A compelling piece of work which is essentially a love story and visibly moved several members of the audience to tears. The Q and A session afterwards was very informative and although Charlie is not a professional in the field it clearly evoked a positive response from the professionals in the audience.

Andrea Jackson owner

Tears And Laughter

I liked all of it, tears and laughter XXXX

Katrina Davis

Thank You ❤️

Thank you ❤️

Storytelling devices and poems were lovely. Loved the calm, easy transition from speaking to us directly from the stand to the poetry. "Hiding behind the elephant in the room" was a very powerful phrase for me, it describes it perfectly for me. The reference to Terry Pratchett's Zombie was also very illuminating. The "Where's Charlie" story did stay with me.Charlie's stories were a joy to listen to, his journey of discovery of a new perspective was inspiring.

Cat Murphy

The Storytelling Is Honest, Brave And Funny

I liked everything. The poetry is beautiful, tender and devastating. The storytelling is honest, brave and funny. The specific advice on caring for a loved on with dementia or supporting a carer were insightful, uncompromising and direct. I am grateful this show exists - thank you for creating it.

Caitlin Campbell

This Is A Must See!

An incredibly honest story of dementia the lows and limited but wonderfully magical highs. The simple staging helps to keep the focus on how the love of two people can maintain love and happiness No matter what reality dementia decides to throw at them .
After all life and reality can be a struggle but it’s always as wonderful as you want it to be, this play/story shows these messages in spades. this is a must see! this Powerful true story has to be seen and heard by as many people as possible!

Scott Other personal friend

Thought Evoking And Inspiring

Charlie's performance was not only thought evoking and inspiring but also very eye opening and informative. His performance of 'Orienteering' allows you to see that happiness is still possible even if someone close to you has been diagnosed with dementia. Of course you'll go through difficult times but there are also many laughs and adventures to have. Charlie's outlook on life is most certainly a positive one - he sees the glass as half full, rather than half empty. 'Orienteering' tells a beautiful story of the immense love that Charlie has for his dear wife Molly.
Thank you for giving me hope again!


Utterly Brilliant

I went to see an extremely profound performance by Charlie Markwick on love, loss, dementia and hope. Utterly brilliant.

Joe Coles

Very Beautiful Show!

I liked everything - very beautiful show! Should have brought tissues. Very tearful.

Russ Tattersall

We Loved It

We loved it Charlie and I think we all shed a tear ...and laughed too ! A big Thank you ...

Caroline Green

We Needed Tissues!

The poetry was fantastic - I liked the music too. I liked the positive message about the quality of life for someone with dementia and the exposure of the loneliness and overwhelming sadness you feel as a carer/ The tempo was perfect.

Anne Harwood

Your Poems Are Superb

I liked your specific tips for caring for carers. Like avoiding the phrase "let me know how I can help", instead of offering concrete support.

Elliot Malkin

You’re A Superstar. Thank You.

It was human, caring, real. Touching, funny, sad. Amazing - was in pieces from 10 minutes in until the end! Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Rob Kershaw

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