Telling a story is a performance. Whether it’s a night time story for a child or a recital in front of a group of festival goers, the story teller takes the audience to an imagined world. For a time reality is suspended and time stands still. The story is not just a narrative read or retold word for word from a written page. No two story tellings are the same, each time the narrative is woven to suit the venue, the audience and the story teller.

I have have been telling stories and reading to adults and children for most of my life. I specialise in entwining reality and fiction to produce a singular type of story. Although I often draw on well known traditional and modern themes, each story I tell is unique.


I’m more than happy to take part in themed events. As you can see I make a fairly plausible pirate and a VERY convincing Santa (visit the North Pole website at northpole.me.uk to find out more). Just be thankful I don’t have any pictures from the pantomime dame or the pink Easter bunny events I took part in!

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary and special to make your event memorable. Then consider The Yarn Whisperer.

Also come and try our open mic storytelling session “Joe’s Yarns” at Smokey Joe’s in Cheltenham. 19:00 on the last Wednesday of every month. You can find out more at joesyarns.uk.

Yarn Whispering is proud to be based in the wonderful county of Gloucestershire. A county rich in tradition and yarns. A county rich in vistas. Come and see the beauty of the Cotswolds, the mystery of the Royal Forest of Dean. Travel the wonderful valley of Britain’s longest river, the Severn, which stretches from the splendour of the estuary through the vast Gloucester flood plain to the gem we call Tewkesbury. And the Severn Bore is to be seen to be believed. To browse future events and activities in Gloucestershire then visit www.glos.info. We use Pingler to spread the word.

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