Tales From The North Pole

Copyright Zoe Dodge 2015

Copyright Zoe Dodge 2015

Come December I spend a lot of my time helping out a Very Important Person. Some of that help is standing in for him in grottos where I make sure that good girls and boys are given a little gift to whet their appetite for Christmas Eve. They all get a very short story too, as a bonus.

I also tell stories from the North Pole. The stories feature: me (as Santa of course), Mrs Claus who fusses and worries about my weight, the naughty Polar Bear, Penguins (I know, I know there aren’t any in the Arctic you’ll have to listen to my

Copyright Martin Croft

Copyright Martin Croft

stories to find out how they fit in!), the Elves (not all of whom behave themselves and work hard), lots of snow and some pretty badly behaved Goblins. Of course we mustn’t forget the North Pole itself which, now the Polar Bear has learnt his lesson, stands proud at the top of the world.

If you would like to engage me in this seasonal capacity do get in touch here.

Shhhh …. don’t let on but the whispers on the street about Santa are:-

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I'm not sure how I would get through the lead up to Christmas without the help of The Yarn Whisperer, his willingness to stand in at grottos and delight the children is invaluable. As a way of saying thank you we always invite him up on Christmas Day and he joins us for dinner. Afterwards he tells stories. It's the only time the Polar Bear sits still and even the Goblins are quiet and behave themselves. I would urge you to try him out.

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