I love performing poetry. Although I find much that is rich in poetry whether it rhymes or scans or not my real love is rhyme and rhythm. I’ll let you into a secret, I also have a weakness for humorous verse, especially if it’s corny; don’t tell anyone else though.

Here are some examples of me reading verse and pros by others:-

Smoked Herring Days (Geoff Yorath)



The Tyger (William Blake)



Winter (William Shakespeare)



The River’s Tale (Rudyard Kipling)



The Microbe (Hilaire Belloc)



Antigonish (William Hughes Mearns)



Philomela (Elinor Kapp)



There’s A Speedboat (Devlin Wilson)



In The Absence Of Talent (Devlin Wilson)



Untitled #1 (Devlin Wilson)

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